The Social Form of Sweets

The L Party


Welcome to The Portfolio of Patisserie.

I guess the first question one would ask is: why a blog?
With the rise of self-commentary bubbles, to add another voice, another opinion, seems quite meaningless when everyone is trying to shout for attention. But this is our story:

On July 3, one unsuspecting afternoon, Tanya and I were thumbing through recipe books at Page One, a local bookstore in Hong Kong talking about nothing other than food. We realized, each of us wanted to start a blog to record our culinary escapades, our experiments with making chocolate ganache, our frustrations on how to make a red velvet cake REALLY red and in addition to this, our travels to places where sweets are found (good and bad). Hence the birth of this blog: a collaborative effort.
Yet what is the reason, the drive, behind it all?
I guess I’ll share my slice of the pie for now.

1. I bake because I love.
Simply put, as cheesy as it may sound, it’s because I want to share in the delight of others when I gift them with something I’ve created with my hands. When I bake, not only do I find it therapeutic to watch a cake emerge from just a little cocoa and sugar (or something like that), but I love the fact that I can also partake in sharing something of myself with someone else.

2. I have a natural tendency to whip out my camera at every eatery.
This may be an Asian female habit but… my philosophy is “eat with the eyes first, and then with the stomach.” My computer is chockful of pictures of food particularly ones from my previous home of New York City: with friends, half eaten, close ups, zoomed out, landscapes. So I thought “why not share with others what I naturally delight in?” Thus to supplement for the days that I do not bake, I will probably be exploring whatever city I am in, taste testing every dessert that’s been concocted by Man.

What to expect from this blog? Reviews and recipes.
A portfolio, if you will, of my own work and of others. A ‘portfolio of patisserie’ because the artist and the designer in me calls to have a visual record of all that I’ve done. To realize, to recognize and to remember all the successes and pitfalls about baking and sharing it with whoever comes this way. And, not to forget, the reason for this blog.