Hojarasca con Manjar

I had a snippet of time this Saturday inbetween a lot of heavy prepping for my business trip to Korea. Ahahha- I normally associate business trips with IBM white collar workers with briefcases and ties but I guess this is my first official one. Wow I feel so grown up. Kidding.


Sorry, no torched meringue!

I’ve been feverishly listening to this all week at my cubicle. Take me far, far away.
Anyhow, instead of resting, I was itching to bake. So after going to Sham Shui Po for a creative fix with June and prior going to Sevva to enjoy bossa nova over drinks (and dessert), I decided to tackle a rather exotic dessert (at least in my books) from this blog called ‘Hojarasca con Manjar.’
I guess this is what my great grandmother would like- she passed away a couple of weeks ago at the ripe age of 106. I was told she loved eating chinese steamed bread in cubes, dipped in condensed milk.
And I guess this is what they’d eat in the Pixar movie, ‘Up’ if the protagonist stayed in South America by the falls once Russell ran out of chocolate thanks to their pet bird, Kevin.

Well I guess the problem about trying desserts that you’ve never tried is that after taste-testing, there isn’t a created standard to compare with. So I’m not sure if I executed it correctly. The dough I made following this recipe, was initially so sticky I swear I discovered Peter Parker’s secret recipe for making his spidey webs. I just added a ton of flour after sticking it in the fridge.
I also didn’t torch the top so it didn’t turn out as pretty as the recipe. I didn’t want to spend more money on a creme brulee torch. Someone donate one to me, please.

Hojarasca con Manjar
The Pastry


Did I just discover the Cosi bread recipe? ahahaha

The Filling: Dulce De Leche


Dulce De Leche the fast way! All you have to do is stick a can of condensed milk into a pot of water and let it sit for three hours and bam! This is what you get!

I’ve always wondered how they made this. Now I guess I know how.