Pac woman eats her babies. XD

Ah ha!

Try HK #3 amongst the other two Red Velvet casualties from past failures

I finally conquered the Red Velvet cake!

I take no prisoners. Dessert photography is always so rewarding XD coughdioncough

Being the third and final round, I finally obtained the red hue without sacrificing the taste or the texture. This time the cream wasn’t salty and the cake wasn’t too dense. I decided to make a smaller cake and use the leftover batter for cupcakes which are easier to divide and give away to certain individual.



Only in HK will you find setting fireworks off the tallest financial buildings NOT a fire hazard (back right buildings). Welcome to China.

In light of the East Asian games which commenced today in Hong Kong, here are some photos of the fireworks. Hong Kong hosts the East Asian Games of 2009 that brings together countries such as Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Taipei, China and Guam together to compete in the name of ‘sportsmanship’.

Traffic with the LED 'junk' boats crowd around the IFC in anticipation of the fireworks show