J is for Jesus ^^

Merry Christmas!

Oops I neglected this blog for a couple of weeks. I took a break last week in preparation for a lot of Christmas baking. I’ll be posting three recipes I did- one new cake I concocted at the request of a friend, and the other two are cookie recipes for gift giving.

Setting them Free

I’ll keep the text short and sweet and let the pictures do the talking. Last year I really wanted to find an easy recipe for cookie cutter cookies. The majority of my frustrations stem from dry, crumbly dough that doesn’t seem to hold its shape. I then found this recipe that was so easy to make without hindering my creative juices on what shapes to make. Stop worrying about the dough and start focusing on the person.

Sugar Cookie Cutouts

I decided to make a batch for my coworkers. It makes about thirty cookies (another reason why I love it- mass production). I used a bird cookie cutter I purchased last year to make cookies for my cousin, Robyn (get it… hehehe) in addition to two Miffy cartoon cutters that another friend donated and a heart my aunt gave me.

War Paint

All Feathered Up

I also used a royal icing recipe for the decorations. Note: it chips off easily so handle your finished pieces with care! Royal Icing Recipe

What I love most about this recipe is my ability to experiment with packaging:

For the Content Team:

In a Basket

For a single coworker:

Birds in a Gilded Cage

For Design Team:

The top of this box has a cutout leaf window so the 'design team' cookie is seen

For Korea Team:

In a cardboard cake box

Group Picture featuring other boxes as well:

All the cookies ready to be sent off!

Design Team sent this to me as a note of thanks. I thought it was really cute.

My favourite part is when I see people delighting in the whimsical nature of these cookies. It makes me so happy.