———————————————--Nougat no. 1——————————————————

There is nothing lovelier than a rainy Saturday afternoon with nothing to do than make a cup of European chocolate. Marie Belle Hot Chocolate powder from New York.

——————————————-Nougat no.2——————————————–

The Chronicle of sweet ideas.

——————————————Nougat no.3———————————————

Tea is good for the soul. Muji tea in silk pouches makes life a little easier. Purchased Rose Pu-Erh, Baked Apple and Sakura Green Tea

———————————————Nougat no.4———————————————-

Gifts that reflect an idiosyncrasy of the receiver are the most perceptive

————————————————-Nougat no.5————————————————–

When encountering odd combinations of flavors, the ‘epicurious’ will always be first to try: Cream Cheese Marshmallows from Muji. They were… interesting. Not enough cream cheese. I wonder what happens if you try microwaving it. XD

————————————————Nougat no.6—————————————————-

I am not a chef.

Valentine’s Day meal: tomato and mascarpone with fillet of salmon in penne.

————————————————–Nougat no.7—————————————————-

My grandmother is a true culinary genius. It never got passed down. Chinese New Year brunch for six at 11am! hahah

———————————————-Nougat no.8—————————————————-

I like Cadbury

Just not their commercials.

————————————————-Nougat no.9——————————————————

This is my forte: Valentine’s Day dessert- milk chocolate fondue with Japanese strawberries, bananas, Sara Lee plain and coffee pound cake cubes. My aunt also bought Haagen Daaz ice cream chocolate fondue set which came with a variety of flavors and the heart-shaped fondue pot.

————————————————Nougat no.10—————————————————-

There’s nothing better than enjoying a success after a failure. Especially when it comes with a small cup of milk while listening to French music such as Paroles, Paroles. I finally succeeded in making a flawless molten heart chocolate cake! Yay! Better to leave the frozen cake to warm to room temperature before baking! Tried and tested!