I was supposed to post this entry prior to my trip to Korea but alas my habit of last minute packing ate up my time, so here is the recipe I said I would post during Christmas a loooooong time ago but never got around to doing it.

Despite procrastination, this cookie recipe deserves a special shout out.

I’m not really  a cookie person. I’m not a cookie person because I’m not a snack person. Snacks, as adorably enticing they are, are impulsive hors d’oeuvres to whet the appetite but don’t satisfy. When I see a bag of mini Kit Kats on my desk, their existence aggravates me because it’s taking up potentially saved space. So I try to eat them all to get them out of my way.

I’m a cake person. I’m a cake person because dessert is a main course for me. I don’t snack because I don’t find sweets satisfying so I eat a heavy, ‘big’ dessert to feel full. That way, I know I should stop whereas if I snack, that ‘full feeling’ never comes so I’ll keep snacking. Snacks are cheap, easy thrills while a well made dessert is the consumption of miniature art and richness. I seriously think that may be the reason why I can stay relatively thin while eating dessert/baking. Baking is literally my form of exercise and a distraction from being on the computer all the time. From sourcing all my ingredients at various grocery stores to washing the dishes to grating carrots, they all require manpower.

Anyhow, because I am a cake person and not a cookie person, this recipe is the perfect synthesis between the two: a dessert snack.

For those who love carrot cake, check this recipe out. It’s exactly like carrot cake but better. How? It’s ergonomically designed to be taken on your next picnic, compact enough to be carried anywhere easily and can be shared individually. They make great presents particularly because it’s a twist on the traditional carrot cake and requires less ‘frosting’ for the health conscious while keeping the vitamin A element to it. It’s a comfort food but bite size and easily consumed. Not to mention a sandwich cookie trumps a plain biscuit in terms of decadence. It tastes like a bite-size version of all the goodness that Christmas brings thanks to the warmth of the cinnamon, nuts and brown sugar. And best of all? It’s super easy to make! Yum.

When I first found this recipe on epicurious, I made it three times during Christmas for family and friends (my aunt and cousins loved them!). I recently made them again for my colleagues when I visited Korea as a gift since I didn’t know what Hong Kong sweets to get them. Alas it was quite humid when I baked them so they were slightly damp by the time they arrived in Seoul.

You can find the recipe here

**TIP: make smaller cookie balls because when they bake, they’ll spread and rise slightly so you can get more cookies out of one recipe. You can see that in my pictures above.

**TIP 2: I followed my own recipe for the filling which is just a brick of Philly cream cheese mixed in with approximately 3/4 cup icing sugar (I never measure… just toss in whatever looks okay). I also whip a little cream (yet again this is all improv so I would guess about 1/4 cup) and fold that in at the end with a splash of vanilla essence.

Don’t forget about the packaging! I found these adorable white gingham cups with scalloped edges at my local dollar store! Well, they’re $10 stores here. =P