Unlike my other recipes and experimentations that come from baking for someone else, this one came in the form of fashion. Summer sales means 50% discounts at Zara and I ended up getting my future (hong kong) winter jacket- this beautiful, soft camel color blazer. Camel is the color palette for this fall- tinged with creams and deeper shades of coffee brown. What better recipe to try than something with caramel- the color most similar to camel since camel probably isn’t available in the grocery store (hmm).

I decided to give baking a break and opted for a mousse instead- something I’ve never done before. I’ve worked with gelatin once to make a green apple mousse cake which semi-failed. Let me say right now, I was completely humbled by this experience. Mousse is the foundation to the simplest Hong Kong western cake recipe (usually consists of fruit+cream or mousse) and I thought it would be the easiest thing to recreate. Not so. Anyway, here we go:

Vanilla,Salted Butter Caramel and Chocolate Mousse

from this gorgeous blog, Tartelette.

Dip the spoon into the dark chocolate surface dusted with cocoa which gently gives way to a burst of warmth in deep sea salt caramel and finally softens with the round robustness of vanilla bean at its foundation. 70% dark chocolate, caramel tinged with pink Himalayan sea salt and a sprinkling of half a vanilla bean pod.

Marbling, colors, burning and bubbling sugar, neutral palate. Napoleon flavours soaked in sepia. Why did I say brown was ugly and boring?

I’m not a huge fan of caramel and chocolate together because it renders quite a sickly sweet combination but I CAN do sea salt which balances out the sharpness of the caramel while the bitterness and nuttiness of the chocolate softens the medley whilst melting on the tongue. No store-bought artifice can match the real taste of artisanal burned sugar, rich chocolate and genuine vanilla bean extraction.

What I learned from this experience was that… skills and talent do not necessarily make you a good baker. It’s whether or not you can read a recipe correctly and follow the steps exactly. I obviously lack skills in this area and all hell broke loose after I messed up at the final part. But I managed to save it with my elementary ‘chemistry’ skills.

As you can see I’m starting to make a few changes to this blog and hopefully in a month’s time you’ll see a whole revamp. I thought I should take advantage of my Parsons skills and UHS Fine Arts talents and multiply effectively to create a stronger image. These are all just tests and prototypes while I work on finalizing design. I sort of accidentally designed a working logo when I was least expecting it. It really just fell into place while I was working on something else. I like squares and triangles.

Success is sweet to the soul.